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EBOOKS: Occult Knowledges
See Ebooks Screenshort
  [For All Race & Religion]

A compilation of high level magickal occult knowledge, Ilmu Al-Hikmah, Indonesian and Malaysian shamanic traditions gathered from the teachings of occult lodges and the ancient adepts. These spells and technique have been kept secret for ages. Mores of these teachings are very rare.

These e-books contain lots of important knowledge of spells, rituals, rites, mantras, prayers, and exercises for assorted purposes, hardly found in Western occultism!. Now revealed being made available to Western and all practitioners! 

The information and secret in these e-books are priceless!!. If you can find information about these books online and see how expensive each one spell for US$10-US$50 and hard to find they are since they not to be found circulated anywhere else for the public! Very very rare!!:

For Information:- Email: [] 

Contents This Ebook: Complete Spells and Ritual..

How to Bind the Tongues of Negative People
Protection Against All Enemies
The Chant for Acquiring Promotions and Expanding Authority
How to Teleport, Fly and Acquire a Magickal Stone from a Khodam
How to Transmute Turmeric into Gold
How to Transmute Sea Water into Potable Water
Aji Semar Kuning: Power Love Spell
How to Acquire the Power to Ward-Off the Strikes of Sharp Weapons
Magickal Protective Locks Against Intrusions and Thefts
How to Assist Someone to Cease Doing Negative Deeds
How to Heal Someone of Muscular Problems
How to De-possess Someone of a Spirit
Physical Endurance During Hiking
Love Talisman I
Love Talisman II
Knowledge Talisman
Wish-Fulfilling Talisman
The Prayer of the Apostle
The Sin/Karma Remover Prayer
The Asmaul Husna Prayer
The Angelic Spirit of Al Bari'u
How to Acquire Gold or Money Through the Assistance of the Archangel Gabriel
The Attainment of the Body of Light Mantra
Ilmu Aji Sapu Angin: Run Like the Wind!
Ilmu Khodam: Payung Rosul
Ilmu Laduni Talisman I
Ilmu Laduni Talisman II
Invisibility Talisman
Magickal Healing Talisman
The Jaljalut Prayer Talisman II
The Al-Fatah Talisman
The Anuuru Talisman
Conjuring the Payung Rosul Khodam for Invisibility, Levitation.
Aji Roro Jonggrang: the Beauty & Youth Spell
Aji Sirep Begananda: the Slumber Spell
Aji Pancasona: the Power Mantra of Physical Immortality
Aji Badak Tubi: Invulnerability and Immobility Power
Aji Panglarutan: the Vampirism of a Combat-Opponent's Powers
Aji Sapu Jagat: How to Move Like the Wind
Aji Angkat Junjung: How to Increase Physical Strength I
Aji Angkat Junjung: How to Increase Physical Strength II
Aji Braja Musti I
Aji Braja Musti II
Aji Tunggeng Balik
Aji Tunggeng Mogok
Ajian Lembu Sekilan: The Power Protection
Ajian Lanang Jaya Pirosa
Ajian Halimunan: the Invisibility Spell
Ajian Sambatan Macan Putih
Ajian Bala Sewu: The Thousand Friends Spell
Inti Lebur Seketi: the Fiery Hands
The Arabian Seal of Solomon
The Crown Seal of Solomon
Sex-Power Seal Develop the Power Punch of Moses
Opening the Third Eye
Occult Healing of Afflictions
Magickal Shield Method 1
Magickal Shield Method 2
Hizbul Autaad
Develop the Occult Ability to Detect Treasures
Magickal Assistance from Three Spirits
Increasing Psychic Sensitivity
Protection of One's Home with the Throne Verse
Acquiring Occult Knowledge
Invulnerability to Fire
Making Angelic Contacts
To Communciate with the Power Inherent Within an Occult Object
Removing the Power of Psychic and Physical Implants of those Having Difficulty Dying
Acquiring Occult Objects Through Magickal Means
Removing the Effects of Psychic Attack or Black Magick
Kulhu Geni Mantra
Kulhu Durdah Mantra
Kulhu Sungsang Mantra
Kulhu Sepuh Kulhu Balik Mantra
Love-Mantra Disenchanter
To Instill Harmony in the Family
To Force a Thief to Return Stolen Goods
Acquiring Psychic Energy
Invulnerability to Bullets
General Invulnerability Against Sharp Weapons
To Shapeshift
To Understand the Language of Animals
To Open Locks Without Keys
Acquisition of Wealth
Cleansing Oneself from Karmic Stains (Sins)
Ilmu Aji Kawibawa: Develop a Powerful Presence
Aladdin's Magick Ring
Genie-Conjuration Empowerment
The Jaljalut Prayer Talisman I
Magickal Love-Potion
Magickally Disband a Gang of Crooks
Occult Methods for Stopping Child Crankiness
How to Acquire Information from A Khodam Informant
How to Prevent One's Husband from Having Illicit Sexual Activities
Open Locks and Break Chains with the Help of Al Burduqal
How to Shield Oneself Against Wild Animals
Liberation from Prison with the Help of a Divine Name
How to Stay in Office with the Aid of a Divine Name
Magickal Power for a Debt Collector
Acquire Mercy with a Divine Name
How to Conjure the Angel Marqayail
How to Conjure the Angel Hahyail
How to Conjure the Angel Af'ayail
How to Conjure a Genie with the Nur Buat Prayer
How to Conjure the Angel Anyail
How to Conjure the Angel Manjayail
How to Conjure the Angel Shadqail
How to Conjure a Jinn by the name of Raihan
How to Conjure a Jinn by the name of Maimun
How to Conjure the Angel Lathfayail
How to Conjure the Angel Jar'ayail
How to Conjure the Angel Lahyail Alaihissalam
How to Conjure a Jinn by the name of Syamthuunin
How to Conjure a Genie King with the Nur Buat Prayer
How to Conjure the Angel Haihayail
How to Conjure the Angel Thamahil
How to Conjure the Angel 'Anyail
How to Conjure the Angel Qahthayail
How to Conjure the Angel Tharfayail
How to Conjure the Angel Khatyail
How to Conjure the Angel Haqyail
How to Conjure the Angel Hauqaalin Alaihissalam
How to Conjure a Jinn that Appears in the Form of a Snake
How to Conjure a Female Jinn Called Syamsul Qirmid
Longevity Prayer
Protection While in Haunted Places
The Qubraa Mantra
Exorcism Prayer
The Key-Prayer for Acquiring Occult Powers Quickly
The Repentance Prayer to Deceased Parents
Invulnerability Against All Weapons
Three Word Protection Against Robbery
Silver Talisman for Invisibility
Occult Diagram to Maintain the Integrity of One's Car Engine
How to Calm a Stormy Sea
Enchanted Bills for Earning a Living
The Amazing Talisman for Love and Sympathy
Talisman for Maintaining a Business Partner's Integrity
Busting a Spirit from a Site
Defensive Mantra Against Jinns
Antidote for Black Magick, Psychic Attack, Etc.
Stopping Knife-Wound Bleedings
Healing Burns
Magickal Method for Improving Memory
Prayer for Removing Sins/Karma
How to Meet Someone in the Astral Realm
Detecting Treasures Through Dreams
How to Magickally Acquire a Black Stone
Detecting Treasures with a Divine Name
Prayer for Removing a Foreign Object in an Eye
Acquire Gold and Money Magickally
Khijib Ibnu Alwan
Acquire a Powerful Presence
How to Magickally Neutralize/Immobilize an Aggressor
Protection While Travelling
Sari Wulan: the Moon Essence Love Spell
The Mighty Ajian Samber Nyawa
Ghoibul Ibrohim
Jaran Goyang: the "Swaying Horse" Love Spell I
Jaran Goyang: the "Swaying Horse" Love Spell II
Acquire Money Magickally with the Help of Abdul Wahid: the Khodam of Surat Al-Ikhlas
How to be Shielded Against Catastrophes
The Massage Healing Prayer
Talisman to Silence Negative People
Magickal Power to Impair Metallic Blades
A Talisman to Have Stolen Objects Returned to You
How to Know the Secrets of the Earth
How to Calm Down Strong Breezes
Talisman of Master Syech Subakir
Ilmu Khodam Ghoib: Psychic Contact with a Power-Object Familiar-Spirit
A Method for Conjuring a Virtuous Genie
Releasing a Thief from a "Tunggeng"
Talisman for Healing Psychic Attacks
The Lucky Ring
How to Cast a Love-Spell with Cigarette Smoke
How to Cast a Love-Spell with an Enchanted Face
A Magickal Contraceptive Talisman
Magickal Cure for Insomnia
Divine Name for Withstanding Hunger
A Longevity Prayer
Divination for Determining the Status or Condition of a Missing or Lost Person
Magickal Square for Producing Lots of Milk
The Hafizhatan Nabawiyyah Prayer
Aji Asmara Bungkem Talisman
Unfolding the Third-Eye & Increasing Psychic Sensitivity
Spell for Banishing Mosquitoes
Prayer for Disarming Jinns and their Magick
Talismanic Pest-Remover
How to Magickally Free Oneself from Being Bound
No Driver's-License Prayer
Prayer for Rain
Prayer for Taming Snakes
Badiwiyyah Sholawat-Prayer
Chant for Radiant Beauty
Asma' Jaljalut
Asma' Halhalat
The Arjuna Telor Love Spell
Ajian Bandung Bandawasa
A Method to Protect Oneself Against Malicious Jinns and Men
A Magickal Method for Fertilizing the Ground
Magickal Nutrients for Plants
How to Identify the Thief of Stolen Goods
How to Stop Children from Constantly Crying
How to Stop a Married Woman from Having an Affair
How to Stop a Married Man from Having an Affair
A Magickal Contraceptive Method
A Talisman to Help a Woman to Conceive
How to Acquire Healing Powers
Healing with a Talisman
Magickal Talisman to Heal a Victim of Malicious Witchcraft
How to Relieve Oneself from Hunger Without Having to Eat
How to Locate Treasures with the Help of 'Atyail and Da 'Qayil
How to Magickally Transform Paper into Money
How to Cause Jinns to Move-Out
How to Increase Your Stamina During Long-Distance Trekking
How to Cause Someone Insomnia
An Occult Call to One's House-Maid to Return and Resume Her Duties
The Prayer of Nabi Isa (Jesus Christ): Used to Resurrect the Dead
How to Acquire Luck, Wealth, and Prosperity
How to Empower Food or Money That They Magickally Return
How to Stop Persecution and Tyranny
Prayer Invocation for Divine Justice and Intervention
The Occult Method of Getting Rid of Stalking Tigers
A Prayer to Go Undetected by Wild Animals
Protection from Snakes
A Subtle Way of Getting Rid of Unwanted Guests
How to Empower Rice to Attract Prosperity
How to Magickally Learn Martial Arts
How to Request the Justice of Allah to Befall an Enemy
How to Gain a Power that Causes Others to Sympathize
Simple Chant for Regaining One's Office
Simple Chant for Spiritual/Physical Abundance & Sustenance
How to Succeed in Borrowing Money with an Empowered Handshake
Acquire the Ability to Walk on Water
The Magickal Voice that Creates Reality
How to Cause a Tree to Bear Abundant Fruits
Liberation from Prison with the Aid of a Magickal Figure
A Talisman of Protection
Fire-Invulnerability Talisman
5-Virtues Talisman
Method for Psychologically Weakening a Boastful Foe
The Talisman of Luck
Power Punch Talisman
Another Magickal Method for Overcoming Boasters
The Lembu Sekilan Talisman
An Insanity-Healing Talisman
Conjuration of Genie Kings
Conjuration of a Virtuous Genie
Prayer for Tranquility
Protective-Prayer Against Evil-Spirits
Prayer for a Protective Shield
Distant Power-Strikes Using a Grape-Vine
How to Acquire Directions While Lost in the Wilderness
Overcoming Fatigue During Journeys
Complete Protection Talisman
The Magickal Money Bag
A Preventive Measure Against Illicit Sexual Activities Amongst Female Members of the Family
Physical Vitality Chant
Requesting a Persecutor's Negative Karma to Manifest
How to Destroy an Aggressor with Just a Hand-Gesture
The Power-Voice
How to Acquire Precognitive Powers
How to Acquire the Healing Touch
Prayer for Constant Sufficiency
Mantra for Removing Love-Spells Directed to Oneself
A Prayer and Mantra for Abundance, Luck and Prosperity
A Prayer for Paying Debts Quickly
A Prayer for Blessing One's Job/Company
Mantra for Promotions
Enchanted Petals for Purchasing Goods
Principles for Genie-Conjurations
The Secret of Instantly Busting Noisome Spirits from a Site
40-day Genie King Conjuration
The Magickal Spirit-Account of Endless Cash
Endless-Luck Talisman
How to Acquire a Sign of Blessing from God's Throne
The Magickal Wand Key-Talisman
A Powerful Talisman for Overcoming Arrogant Boasters
Magickal Talisman for Acquiring Property
Magickal Protection While Handling Wild Animals
How to Build a Strong Shield Around the Physical Body
How to Cause One's Enemy to be Restless
Acquire a Magickal Troop of Soldiers for Home-Protection
How to Identify a Thief of a Stolen Object Through a Dream
Prayer for Retrieving Lost Objects
Magickal Protection for a Sea-Vessel While Sailing
Magickal Protection for a Vehicle While Driving
Magickal Verse for Increasing Sales
The Generation of MagickalPower
Acquiring Treasures Magickally with a Spirit's Aid
Secret Ritual for Attracting Luck I
Secret Ritual for Attracting Luck II
Secret Ritual for Attracting Luck III
Asma' Air Mawar for Blessing Someone with Invulnerabilty and Strength
Magickal Solution for Opening the Third Eye
Recitations to Unfold the Third Eye
Cleansing Haunted Places
Aji Selulup: Spell For Long Periods Underwater
Transferring Malicious Psychic Implants to Eggs
Talisman for an Authoritative Presence
Protection of the Home with an Illusory Ocean
Gendam Smorondono: The Deadly Handshake for Attraction
The Generation of Magickal Power II
Nyepi Gaman: Unfolding the Hidden Remains of a Historical Site
Wirid Tolak Bala: Prayer to Avoid Dangerous Situations
Aji Serowondo: The Power to Improve Sharp-Shooting Skills
Spell for Getting Dressed: To Acquire Sympathy from Others
Spell for Powdering: To Appear Attractive to Others
Ritual For Getting Good Dreams
Evoking a Jinn King
Evoking a Jinn Servant
To Know What Lies in a Person's Heart
Acquiring Occult Information from a Khodam Spirit
The Fastest Way to Acquiring Occult Powers
Magickal Sandals for Distant Flights
Developing One's Spiritual Senses
Removing Major Obstacles and Problems
The Rod of Moses Prayer
Protection Against Temptations
Healing with Consecrated Food
How to Make Love Oils
Removing Jinns from Trees and in Certain Areas
How to Acquire Assistance from a Genie
Power Attraction of 4 Prophets
The Incredible Aji Braja Musti Invulnerability & Power Punch
How to Acquire the Strength of 20 Men
How to Immobilize Aggressors from a Distance
How to Acquire the Deadly Power-Gaze
How to Detect Sources of Water and Minerals
The Magickal Carbuncle "Merah Delima": A Gift From a Khodam
A Method for Acquiring Jinn Assistance
A Magickal Method for Acquiring the Ability to Fly like a Bird
Acquire the Ability to Learn What Lies in Another's Heart
Be Healed of All Ailments
Mystical Recitation for Acquiring a High Office
A Method for Effacing Sins & Their Effects
The Basmalah Talisman
Acquire the Authority of a Lion
One Version of the Aji Bandung Bondowoso Power
The Aji Bandung Bondowoso Talisman
The Mantra of Invisibility
Invulnerability to All Forms of Black Magick
Acquire Precognitive Abilities
To Know Something Occult
Magickal Dust for Confounding Enemies on Your Trail
How to Create "Uang Balik": An Enchanted Bill that Returns as You Spend It
The Manuscript of the Divine Light Regarding Magickal Pills
To Stop Bleeding or Heal Wounds
How to Neutralize the Power of a Sorcerer
How to Acquire Sympathy from Your Listeners
Mantra Against Lightning Strikes
To Disentangle Oneself from Slander/Calumny
To Protect Oneself from the Deception of the Satanic
Consecration of Physical Objects for Various Purposes
The Power of Asma' Nabi Musa
Mantra to Put-off Sleep
Love Spell Using Salt
Love Spell Using Pebbles
Footsteps Attraction Spell
Food Attraction Spell
Earth Contact Spell to Cause Another to Fall Under Your Influence
Al-Fatehah Love Spell
The Power of Asma' Jaljalut Kubro
Spiritual Communication with a Wali/Saint/Adept
The 7000 Angelic Spirits Escort
To Evoke Someone to Appear in a Dream
The Invocation of the Angel Ruqya'il
Hand-Shake Attraction Power
The Wings of the Angel Israil
Mantra to Increase Psychic Sensitivity and Power
Invocation of the Guardian Spirit of a Region
Power Punch
The Mantra of Transfixion
Create an Illusory Body of Self
Siker Cekutha Cekuthi Mantra
Panikah Batin Mantra
Asma' Gabah
Assistance from a Spirit
Magickal Shield
Banishing Jinns
Magickal Diagram
Mantra to Silence Opponents
Personal Protection Against Negative Entities
Mantra to Tame Poisonous Snakes
Mantra to Tame Wild Animals
Mantra to Protect One Against Lightnings

See Ebooks Screenshort
[For All Race & Religion]

Occult Knowledges: Only USD100

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